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PERFORM AMERICA-TX, LLC  focuses on travel for any kind of group.  While we specialize in performance-based tours, we can help with groups of all ages and of any kind—from bands to choirs, dance groups to church youth groups—we do it all!  Whether it be performing in a nationally recognized parade or going to Disney, our experienced and professional staff will work closely with you to create an unmatched travel adventure… at a great price!  Nothing compares to shared travel experiences!

-President & Owner: Edward Lopez

UDBapp. Ready for Pros.
UDBapp has changed the way marching ensembles around the world learn and clean their drill.

Perfect Drill
Drill in UDBapp comes directly from Pyware, so you’ll get smooth animations, precise pathways, synced music, notes, props, and so much more.

Precise Pathways
Executing the correct pathway is essential for every marcher. UDBapp shows where you came from and where you’re going next. Say goodbye to bad first reps.

Calculated Step Size
Understanding step size and energy changes between sets is essential to cleaning drill. UDBapp helps every marcher understand the exact responsibility for each set.

Custom Views
Easily switch between your custom views to quickly reference the whole band or just a certain section. The choice is yours.

Live Coordinates
With UDBapp, you can view your coordinate for every count of the drill. This makes calculating half-way points and yard line crossings a breeze.

Performer Names
Tap on a performer to see their name and their picture, updated daily from UDBapp’s internal cast list. Awesome.