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The Bandmasters Review Online


The Bandmasters Review (formerly TBA Journal) is the Texas Bandmasters Association's educational quarterly publication covering topics of interest to our members. These topics include information on band instruments, various teaching methods, current governmental issues and law changes, music history and theory, composing/publishing and much more.

The TBA Bandmasters Review

December 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 2

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Featured Articles In This Issue

  • Developing a Successful Band Program in Title I Schools
    by Scott McAdow
  • How Do You Make the Most of Time?
    by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
  • Choosing Literature for Success at Contest
    by Corey L. Graves, Rylon Guidry, Darcy Potter Williams
  • Creating Your Environment. Creating Your Success.
    by Tom Harrington
  • A Learning Approach to Marimba Performance
    by Brian Zator
  • T-TESS: Showcasing What We Do As Music Directors
    by Monica Ruiz-Mills


Each member of the Texas Bandmasters Associations receives the Bandmasters Review.
If you have an article you would like to submit for publication, let us hear from you at 210-492-8878.

The Texas Bandmasters Association staff reviews each article and makes the final decision on which articles will be published in the Bandmasters Review. The Texas Bandmasters Association reserves the right to edit for grammatical errors and/or length.

Publication months are March, June, September and December.

Advertising opportunities are available to Business Members. Rate and printing specifications can be found in our Business Members section.

Date Volume / Issue
September 2016 Volume 18 Issue 1
June 2016 Volume 17 Issue 4
April 2016 Volume 17 Issue 3
December 2015 Volume 17 Issue 2
September 2015 Volume 17 Issue 1
June 2015 Volume 16 Issue 4
April 2015 Volume 16 Issue 3
December 2014 Volume 16 Issue 2
September 2014 Volume 16 Issue 1
June 2014 Volume 15 Issue 4
April 2014 Volume 15 Issue 3
December 2013 Volume 15 Issue 2
September 2013 Volume 15 Issue 1
June 2013 Volume 14 Issue 4
April 2013 Volume 14 Issue 3
December 2012 Volume 14 Issue 2
September 2012 Volume 14 Issue 1
June 2012 Volume 13 Issue 4
April 2012 Volume 13 Issue 3
December 2011 Volume 13 Issue 2
September 2011 Volume 13 Issue 1
June 2011 Volume 12 Issue 4
March 2011 Volume 12 Issue 3
December 2010 Volume 12 Issue 2
September 2010 Volume 12 Issue 1