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Region Representatives

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Officially established in July 2004, the Texas Bandmasters Association Region Representatives serve on the Texas Bandmasters Association Region Representative Committee. Appointed by the Board, these representatives give of their time, expertise and resources to provide the Texas Bandmasters Association with ideas and suggestions pertaining to the annual convention / clinic.

Region Reps provide timely input to the Texas Bandmasters Association office throughout their term. Therefore, any Texas Bandmasters Association Active or Retired Member who wishes to provide suggestions regarding the annual convention / clinic are encouraged to contact their respective region representative as listed below.

Region Number Representative Email Address
1 Britni Nuckols
2 Kathy Johnson
3 Chris Brown
4 Chris Brannon
5 Will Ludlow
6 Jeff Whitaker
7 Michael Childs
8 Robert Vetter
9 Jerriald Dillard
10 Alex Wells
11 Richard Flores
12 Mark V. Buley
13 Michael Roberts
14 Christopher Sanchez
15 Angel Martinez
16 Benjamin Cook
17 Sarah Bennett
18 Andrea Gonzalez
19 Ben Gollehon
20 Chuck Moon
21 Tom Mensch
22 Nick Flood
23 Rory Davis
24 Jason Tucker
25 Brandon Brewer
26 Megan Wike
27 Michael Dick
28 Criselda Marroquin-Morrell
29 Daniel Lugo
30 Joey Paul
31 Gerry Miller
32 Robert Herrings
33 Chase Giddings